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welcome to k-man
K-MAN shock absorber is a high-end nitrogen damper brand built by Shanghai Manjie Auto Precision Parts Co., Ltd. Shanghai Manjie Auto Precision Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2010 and headquartered in Songjiang, Shanghai, is an excellent enterprise in the research and development and production of high performance shock absorbers in China. It has 24,000 square meters of factory area in Shanghai Songjiang and Haimen, Jiangsu; it has an independent R&D technology center, 15 senior Chinese and foreign R&D personnel, and more than 80 employees; its products cover more than 100 race dampers and many hot-selling civil shock absorbers. Advanced custom conversion kits are available upon request. The products sell well in more than ten countries and regions in the world, and have entered the international markets of the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on!






The essential figure in cross-country competition K-MAN high-end nitrogen damping
KMAN Shock absorber Friends who must play with the car are familiar with K-MAN. (K-MAN is everywhere in the COC China Motorsports Cross Country Championships. The independent R&D center created by K-MAN has introduced a high-tech R&D team to build a high-end nitrogen shock absorption brand, which proves its quality with strength)This custom shock absorber is compared to the original carThe total length is 4.5 cm longerThe journey is 2 cm longerAnd filled with high purity nitrogen 150Psi (Ordinary oil and gas shock absorption requires air boosting, and air due to compression work, the temperature rises quickly, and can not be filled with too high air pressure, there are safety hazards, which limits the improvement of shock absorption performance. High purity nitrogen In addition to its own physical stability, it is not easy to deteriorate, but it increases the pressure of shock absorption and improves the performance by more than 10 times.High strength ø20 piston rod2.25 inch seamless steel tube storage cylinderLarge flow ø50 piston systemDouble-layer brass dust sealDust-proof and gravel-proof effect is better24-segment compression adjustment system makes the road selection for vehicles more extensiveRoad, asphalt road, rugged road to be a free walking messengerHigh-performance aviation aluminum nitrogen cylinder with toothed structure and large-aperture tubingIncreased heat dissipation and faster oilAt the same time, its value is also very resistant. After installing the shock absorber, the height of the car has increased by four inches.Paired with four big tiresIt feels like the urban elite has turned into a green forest hero.K-MAN vibration-reducing side by side with you, there is a cross-country place, there is a dazzling red figure of K-MAN.
K-MAN CAS modified car show & thank you dinner, witness who is the big prize? 2017-08-22

CAS modified car show wonderful review The CAS modified car show opened in the hope of many off-road refit enthusiasts. Also with the CAS is the typhoon "Wambia", which has swept the storm, but it can't stop the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors. The scene of the exhibition was full of people, and the beauty of the luxury cars gathered. More than 700 exhibitors have tried their best to present the most exciting to the audience. The K-MAN vibration reduction also introduced a variety of products with excellent handling and comfort. We will also launch a new product at the end of August. The new JEEP big cut vibration, this vibration can be called "global explosion", this vibration vibration completely solves the problem of modified shock absorber noise of this model, which improves the handling and comfort, avoids the corner side Start. This is a problem that many brands cannot cure. K-MAN hopes to bring you the experience of "let your car wild with your mood." In 2018, the CAS modified auto show was in perfect disappointment, and the organizers of the CAS modified auto show affirmed our own brand. We look forward to meeting again next year.The 2nd National Off-Road Refit Dealer Appreciation Dinner It coincides with the CAS Auto Show, K-MAN Vibration Reduction, Meilunmei Exchange, and the 2nd Cross-country Refit Thanks Dinner held by Handan, and 2011.08.18 opened at the Vienna Hotel of Hongqiao International Exhibition Center. In the cheers of everyone, K-MAN founder Jiang Taiyun, Mei Lumei changed Feng Zong, and Zhou Zhou took the stage to deliver a speech. At the same time, we also invited the off-road refit big coffee to share the refit experience. Mr. Benjamin, the general manager of K-MAN partner Abach Asia, was invited to attend the dinner and shared the spark of cooperation between Aibach and K-MAN from an inquiry sheet. The selection of the CAS modified car show to host a dinner is to let more refit enthusiasts have the opportunity to get together. Our vision is that everyone eats well, plays well, old and new friends open their hearts and talk about wine.Eye-catching moment K-MAN creates for you The precious moment is that every scene cannot be copied. The moment before the camera, record the eternal power Who is the big prize? Fortunately, the lottery can directly deduct the purchase price. K-MAN would like to thank everyone in the conversion industry for their support. At the same time, K-MAN is silently supporting the conversion business. Cross-country sports have always been the enduring existence of motor sports, and in the field of high-performance shock absorbers for off-road vehicles, many years in the country have faced the monopoly of foreign brands. K-MAN was born to change this situation. Liu Hongwu, head of K-MAN sales, said: As a Chinese brand, we don't let cheap and inferior quality become our own labels, so we always take serious technology and use the best quality and service to counter international brands and domestic market. Every year there is a big improvement, I hope that off-road modification can get better and better!

The event ‖ "Senhai" Cup National Motorsports Cross Country Obstacle Course Guizhou Station ended successfully 2017-07-10

On June 18th, the “Senhai Cup” national car venue cross-country obstacle course came to an end in Guizhou. Directly hit the arena, passionate review After three days of fierce competition, the drivers did not dare to work hard, and staged a realistic version of "Speed and Passion" in Wanshan with superb skills. In the end, Zhao Zhaoqian won the professional group championship, and K-MAN (China) team driver Rong Panpan finally got the fourth place due to the failure of the car during the race. Obstacles, go forward "In the first lap of the final, the car broke down, the steering gear did not help, because the game time is limited, it was too late to repair, so it can only be opened like this. Who knows that the house leaks even rain, and the wiper is broken on the second lap. The outside of the glass is stained with muddy water, which poses a certain obstacle to the sight of the car, which increases the difficulty of the driver's race; then the sprinkler does not spray water, and the inner glass enters the mud. In the final 6 laps, it is basically a blind run. After the rider Rong Panpan concluded. Not only for the champion, the spirit is forever Every driver on the field keeps the peak of the passion and rushes to the finish line. This is a game for honor. The track was more complicated, and only two drivers in the final women's team successfully completed the race. Driver Rong Panpan, despite the breakdown of the car, ran a lap and cancelled the results of this round. She missed the championship, but she was very impressed by the cool and vigorous running of the stadium. The complicated runway and the hardships of the schedule can't stop a positive, brave heart. The joy brought by the joy and speed brought by the sport is unmatched by anything. The beauty driver hopes that if she encounters objective obstacles repeatedly, she will insist on running the whole course and completing the competition. It is an indomitable sportsmanship. The fearless K-MAN (China) racing spirit, such glory has nothing to do with rankings. Drivers who have no final results can only be ranked on the 17th qualifying. The beautiful driver Rong Panpan still insisted on running the whole game. Sailing, Yinchuan fight again Next stop, Yinchuan Station! K-MAN (China) team driver Rong Panpan will continue to move forward and prepare for the full race, which will bring us more exciting events. I hope everyone will wait and see, and we sincerely wish her the next Achieve better results in the game. Come on, our heroes of the scarves - Rong Panpan! Come on the K-MAN Chinese team.

Champion driver and champion team 2017-06-11

This is not a simple event report! On April 9, 2018, the Qinghai Open "Minsheng Real Estate Cup" COT Yellow River Hualong Station has just ended. The first qualifying, the first preliminaries, the first in the finals, for the Coman China team, this is undoubtedly an exciting result, the performance of the three-day race driver Rong Panpan has been far ahead of the opponent, but hope I hope that the first sentence I said to me in the interview is: the killing is too intense, every second counts, and I dare not have any mistakes! This is a high-altitude, muddy multi-flying track. The handling of corners is not the only difficulty in this track. Muddy and high altitude are the problems faced by many drivers. The driver told me that the biggest difficulty for her is actually the pressure of the opponent. Although Rong Panpan is a pole position, he has just surpassed the opponent of the second car position. If the water has not passed, It will be interfered by the opponent's rhythm. At that time, the two cars were very close. Rong Pan hoped that they would fight together and raise the rhythm. You must know that this is a difficult track. There are many dark pits, rhythms and If the route is slightly careless, there will be a big mistake or even a rollover. This is also what Rong Panpan loved to say in the interview: "Love will fight to win!" Fighting is courage, technology, experience, and the performance of the vehicle and the service behind a powerful team. . The Coman Chinese team, which is worthy of the hope, is the old face of China's cross-country races. It is also a cross-country old gun. Whether it is COC or COT or even local events, you can see Koman. Like the K-MAN shock absorber, it is always active in the front line of China's cross-country races, providing the most professional vehicle suspension commissioning service for all drivers using K-MAN shock absorbers. In this competition, the vehicles of Rong Panpan After careful debugging by Koman technicians, it is obvious that this is a high-speed track, accompanied by a large number of flying jumps. The rebound adjustment of the suspension is the focus of the training, and the dark ditch in the corner is increased again. Therefore, the support of the curve should be in place. In general, the test of the whole track is very demanding for the shock absorber. It is necessary to ensure sufficient support strength and to suppress the rapid bump of high-speed straight travel. Perfectly control the speed and strength of the rebound when jumping and landing, and Rong Panpan is driving a hard-bridged car that is clumsy. These problems are solved perfectly by the technicians of K-MAN shock absorbers. Strength and success Speak, K-MAN Chinese team and its drivers, are love to fight, who dares, so they will win, so they will always go on to win!

K-MAN and the well-known German brand Eibach (Aibach) on the Asia-Pacific strategy合作进行深入交流并达成共识 2017-06-11

K-MAN General Manager Jiang Taiyun, Eibach Zhou Jia, Eibach President Wilfried Eibach, Eibach Business Development Manager Gu Jing, Eibach Asia Pacific CEO Benjamin Keogh Recently, Wilfried Eibach, president of the well-known German spring brand Eibach Group, Benjamin Keogh, CEO of Asia Pacific, and Gu Jing and Zhou Jia, business development managers, visited K-MAN Shanghai headquarters. The two sides exchanged in-depth exchanges on strategic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. A consensus on the content of the cooperation: Create dual-brand products in the Asia-Pacific region Asia-Pacific regional resource sharing Jointly develop the international market Since its inception in 2009, K-MAN has been aiming to build its own high-end shock absorber brand and truly push the “Made in China” of China's shock absorber industry to “China's quality”. In just a few years, K-MAN has developed from a small workshop of several hundred square meters into a high-performance shock absorber development and production enterprise with 24,000 square meters of factory area; and established K-MAN independent research and development center; has its own fleet The product covers more than 100 racing shock absorbers, a number of hot-selling civilian shock absorbers and advanced custom conversion kits. The products sell well in more than ten countries and regions in the world, and have entered the international markets of the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. K-MAN's products have undergone innovations and upgrades one after another, and the constant is K-MAN's pursuit and persistence in product quality. At the same time, K-MAN is also convinced that in order to build the Chinese people's own shock absorber brand, excellent partners are also crucial. Since the establishment of K-MAN, Eibach has witnessed the growth and development of K-MAN and is a solid partner of K-MAN. Eibach is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance suspension springs, suspension components and systems. It sells well in more than 80 countries on five continents and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The product quality is outstanding. K-MAN believes that the deep exchange between K-MAN and Eibach will definitely bring a new situation to the cooperation between K-MAN and Eibach in the Asia-Pacific region.Eibach and his party visited the K-MAN factory map

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